How To Play Wordle Game Better In Less Time?

Wordle has entered the scene under an onslaught of unbelievable excitement. If you’re obsessed with Wordle as everyone else is, you might be wondering how you might raise your rating.

You may use a variety of techniques to raise your score and build a pattern of consistently completing puzzles. Use these pointers and advice, some of which may be more obvious than others, and you’ll soon hold the title of Wordle champion.

Do not guess the correct word on the first turn itself

You need to use a strategy in order to solve a Wordle game problem. Avoid charging in with no plans and without properly weighing your possibilities. The probability that you will correctly guess the answer to Wordle is low to none because there are thousands of possible solutions. Instead, regard your first word as a sacrifice word. By doing this, you’ll be saving your first turn and beginning your plan to defeat Wordle with a higher score. Make it more precise and easier to guess.

Your Initial Prediction Must Include “Popular” Letters

Keeping the aforementioned in mind, choosing a word with well-known letters, like TEARS, as your first sacrificed word is the ideal choice.

This method is a great way to win a word game that involves trial and error since it either confirms or removes five of the most common English letters.

Consistently Use the Same First Word in All Wordle Games

You should always use the same first word on your first turn now that you know not to guess the first word at random and to exclude or confirm the statistically likely letters.

Give your turns some thought.

So now you know how to say your first word. Then, what do you do? Nothing. not right away, at least. Remember that you have 24 hours to come up with an effective solution, so take some time to reflect before moving forward with your plan.

Think about the letters you still need to guess in NYTimes Wordle. If you combine the letters you have already correctly guessed or put with those you have not yet ruled out, do any words immediately come to mind? Before taking your second turn, mentally eliminate some of your alternatives; you have plenty of time to stress over those letters.

Run a Statistics Check

You may view your score and guess statistics by looking at your Wordle statistics. Your guess statistics will show how well your technique is working for you and help you grow, regardless of whether you start your guesses with the same word each time or vary it.

Your data are conveniently accessible on your account and are updated in real-time, allowing you to immediately use your information to guide your approach.


The secret is to acknowledge that you won’t correctly guess the first word and then move on. Although word games are meant to be difficult, you can always cheat a bit if you’re having trouble.

As you play more, you’ll discover that words come to you more easily. Keep playing Wordle and look at more Wordle-inspired games to get that crucial practice!

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